Transformation Management for Senior Managers

Transformation Management for Senior Management provides the toolbox to breakdown a high level (digital) vision into an operational business algorithm.

It is claimed that more than 70% of all major transformations never achieves their business objectives. At the same time the increased pace in market change, increased digital complexity and agile project methods set the management teams ability to manage transformation under extreme pressure. But very few managers have education and hand-on experience in transformation management.

The course is offered in two variants:

  1. How to get from vision into business algorithm
  2. How to manage transformations in steering groups

From Vision to Business Algorithm

This course provides a solid and consistent toolbox that will let the participants master (digital) business transformations. We will work in a framework of relations between Vision, Strategy, Mission, Business Platform, and Business Algorithm. You will work with organisational behaviour from customer, services and management perspectives and in this way learn how to describe the content of a business transformation beyond bullet points in a PowerPoint presentation.

Transformations for Steering Groups

By this course you can turn the steering group into a proactive asset in your transformation projects. You will learn how to present (digital) transformations consistently, so it becomes operational for management, stakeholders and project teams. We will work with winning business algorithm, storytelling techniques and high-level transformation initiatives in form AS-IS and TO-BE and the TO-DO.

The education is based on the 4Dimensions Transformation Framework’s Platform Dimension and it integrates seamlessly into well know management and strategy theory as well ad common project and change management methods.