Expand your training offerings

There is a range of international accepted certification training regarding IT-management and project management. They are great governance frameworks offering a structured way of running programs and projects both as agile and as waterfall roll-outs.

These methods are often focused on phases after the business decision and the big WHY has been taken in the scoping phase of the project. These methods start when the project initialisation documents have been written and the project manager can start the project.

We see the scoping and the business decision phase as an underestimated subject in large organisations. There are very few course offerings focused on that important part of the project timeline both before project start, and every time a new sprint is initiated.

The 12Box Model® is filling out this gap in the market and it works as an obvious complement to well-known certification courses as Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), PMI®, Prince2® etc. and an opportunity to do up-sale to the existing customer base for your training organisation.

All the 12Box Model® course material and instructor training are available via our international training administrator Leapest by Edcast in the Netherlands – by them our material can reach course destinations worldwide.

If you want to be our next training partner providing 12Box Model® training, please contact us for further information, and we will guide you through the training partner sign-up process.