Insource Consulting

We experience a growing interest in insourcing external consulting. There is not only a wish to save money, but organisations are fed up with huge and expensive presentations which provide very little business value. The presentations are usually very high level and delivered by the senior consulting partners.  Commonly it is an objective to sell in more consulting hours which then are delivered by expensive junior staff. And after the consultants have left, they have taken all the business knowledge with them.

It has proven very difficult for customers to convert the slide deck into operational transformation projects. Organisations do not posses the experience in substantiating objectives into business processes and transformation actions. That requires the consulting skills!

The competence mix in an organisation is commonly very diverse – based on different educations and experience. The organisation will probably not have developed and rolled out an organisational consulting method. So, it is obvious that it is difficult for organisations to drive transformation from the inside – especially digital transformations which tends to have cross organisational impact. There is a consensus that the failure rate is about 80% – and even worse for digitization projects!

The 12Box Model® Business Analysis Framework is a simple – yet very powerful analytic framework. It is used to describe a business and the dynamics inside. It can be used a all organisational levels; strategic, tactic and operational level. It is a common denominator for most used management theory. It clicks seamlessly into commonly used project management and organisational change management methods.

The 12Box Model® establishes a cross organisational information highway between management and staff and across organisational units.

PROCE Institute can support your organisation with training, audits and processes.

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The 12Box Model® is an extract of The Platform Dimension of the 4Dimensions™ Transformation Framework. The 4Dimensions™ Transformation Framework in the book “Disruption and Digital Transformation” by Palle Stenver.