Boost your competences

Business Transformations is placed as a top priority in most organisations these years. Often will such projects work across the entire workforce and challenge the silo thinking that still influence many companies, private as well as public.

The challenge in large Business Transformations is that cross organisational transformations involve well educated people from IT, Business, HR, Marketing etc. All of them with a great understanding of their own paradigm and area and with a very specialized vocabulary – this challenge the ability to make a common project understanding and storytelling covering all affected employees. The 12Box Model® training is a common education across functions.

The 12Box Model® is an obvious way to establish a common language and understanding of the content in a Business Transformation and communicate the same storytelling. The models 12 themes can be used in different order to make the story relevant for people in all parts of the organisation – the prioritization of themes is very much a question of the ability to answer a very relevant question – What’s in it for me? – asked by every single employee.

The 12Box Model® training offers a common transformation method for the entire organisation – business as well as IT. In an incremental roll-out of new solutions, there are often several scoping sessions before next sprint in the transformation – with a common transformation method the preparation of each sprint will be much more efficient.

The 12Box Model® combine common Management Theory with relevant Project Management frameworks and give great input to the storytelling in implementation planning. This combination is unique and boost employees competences to be much more holistic in their project approach, and forced to understand the dynamics in the organisation when the transformation has impact.

The 12Box Model® training is a great supplement and upgrade to all roles and levels in a organisation running a transformation program or project

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